Baseball Books for Kids 6-14

It’s baseball season! These 10 books are a sure hit. A home run? Corniness aside, they’ve all got something to offer. Picture Books: There Goes Ted Williams written and illustrated by Matt Tavares. Two on, two out, last of the ninth. From the super talented author-illustrator of four other equally spectacular baseball-related picture books—Zachary’s Ball (Anniversary Edition), Oliver’s Game, Mudball, […]

Holiday Gift Guide Part III – Reference & Nonfiction (Mostly)

Last minute gifts? I’ve got even more suggestions for you this week that will make middle-graders’ heads spin. The best part about this list is that it’s full of beautifully packaged educational books that make learning fun. From sports to creepy monsters to the 100 scariest things on the planet, these brainy titles are 2011’s cream of […]