Author Interviews.

Q&A’s are always insightful. A poke around someone’s closet, if you will.

As a writer, I am fascinated by what sparks a person to start (and finish) whatever project they are working on. Over the years in interviewing countless writers and artists, I have discovered that what you have for breakfast, what you listen to while writing, and what you choose to do while procrastinating really does matter in the grand scheme of producing a great or even so-so work of art. (I, for one, like to knead dough.)

Above all, I have reaffirmed my assumption that just because you think you know an author’s body of work through and through, you still might be surprised by a mere glimpse into who they are and the habits they keep.

A selection of past interview clips:

Adult Fiction & Nonfiction

Young Adult Fiction & Nonfiction

Picture Books & Middle-Grade Fiction & Nonfiction


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