Three Cool and Creative Books In Celebration of National Craft Month

When I was in elementary school, I spent many hours playing by myself, designing potholders or those little stained-glass window ornaments that are baked in the oven. Maybe my mother’s (a weaver) and father’s (an architect) collective artistic influence rubbed off on me early on. Or it could be because my grandmother (a painter and vivid storyteller) taught me that creativity should never be wasted. But ever since I was a wee lass, the creative juices have flowed in my bones.

Granted, I can’t draw anything more sophisticated than a stick-figure and the clothing I tried to make in college fell apart upon first wear. But it’s the creative process and not the product that counts, right? Ahem.

It goes without saying that in this zany world full of gadgets galore, kids need time to create and explore. With that in mind, here are three extra-fun books that inspire kids to spend a little time in the creativity zone.

Happy National Craft Month!

Crafty Chloe by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrations by Heather Ross. Chloe is the pint-size epitome of spunk and DIY style. She crafts cool outfits out of her father’s hipster work shirts. She swipes macaroni from the cupboard to design tribal necklaces. She can even work with clay to mold a coffee mug for mom (albeit a lopsided one). So why is she stumped when faced with the task of creating a gift for her BFF? Of course, it’s nothing that a bit of doodling and a few headstands won’t fix and her finished masterpiece not only wows the birthday girl but manages to turn a sworn enemy into an appreciative friend. New York Times bestselling author DiPucchio’s (Grace for President; Zombie in Love) ear for rhythm combined with veteran crafts book author and fabric designer Ross’s vibrant, playful illustrations make this lyrical picture book a must-have for little ones during National Craft Month. Special bonus: Kids can check out to learn how to make a “super fluffy” tutu, glow-in-the-dark star pajamas and other cool objects featured in the book!

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